Secret Crush

He Likes Foreign Women, She Likes Ginger Hair — Watch This Secret Crush Revelation to See What Happens Next

She’s British and he has red hair — could this be a coworker love connection?

Crushes at work are never easy — and there are special considerations when you are thinking of asking out a colleague.

"The first step is to know your company’s policy around dating in the office," explains Alex Williamson el-Effendi, Head of Brand at Bumble. "If you are in a smaller office environment or if your company prohibits coworkers dating, it can be a bummer, but don’t fret too much. People change jobs a bit more frequently than they did in the past — your work can be a great place to meet people, and if you or your crush change jobs, you always have an opportunity to reconnect with them outside of a work environment."

So what will happen when Talia confesses her feelings for Tyler? Will things get awkward between this duo featured on Bravo's new digital series, Secret Crush, or can you see these two kissing sad-desk-lunch salads goodbye for romantic strolls in the park? As online dating coach and founder of A Little Nudge, Erika Ettin, tells her clients, "We shouldn't plan for contingencies [like things not working out] but, it's important to always remain professional at work, [whether] you're seeing each other or not."

Are you curious yet? Watch the latest episode above to see how this potential couple worked out. (Pun intended.)

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